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    Early access to MediaCoin City Unreal Engine 5 Metaverse build out. With more than 20 years in music we've done some of the largest music video projects, A list celebrity events, and collaborations to date. More info available at MusicCryptoGeeks.io Stay tuned for lots more to come.


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    Early access to MediaCoin City Unreal Engine 5 Metaverse build out. The TechnoVikings NFT collection will offer a 3 night trip to Las Vegas which will include airfare, top hotel accommodations and $1,000 cash to be paid for up to $5,000 maximum prize package once the first 1,000 NFT's are sold. Participation is required by TechnoVikings NFT owners. More details to come on how to claim the prize as well as details on further prizes. Prizes can be claimed at sales@mediacoinllc.com TechnoVikings is a collection in the MediaCoin LLC portfolio. Each is a unique 1 of 1 piece.


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    Early access to MediaCoin City Unreal Engine 5 Metaverse build out. Killa Apes Pixal Mutants is a MediaCoin LLC Collection in the MediaCoin LLC portfolio. Each is a 1 of 1 with unique individual properties. Each piece will have redeemable items and utilities attached to them to be announced regularly on our website MediaCoinLLC.com. More details to come.


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    Early access to MediaCoin City Unreal Engine 5 Metaverse build out. This is a tribute to the iconic CRYPTOPUNKS Collection that pretty much started the NFT art market. These are our renditions of the this famous collection in our own MediaCoin LLC style of bold colors and pixel style art in admiration for these guys we look up to (These are not CRYPTOPUNKS) . All profits of this collection will benefit youth programs in dance, music, and art.


  • Reg A+ to NASDAQ Explained

    Learn how we can IPO to NASDAQ Pain Free (Click on this Picture)

  • NFTs make purchases easy!!!

    Sell Products through NFTs and Open a Multi-Trillion Dollar buying Audience.

    We have developed a purchasing process of integrating NFTs to tangible items for seamless payment, authentication, and real time money exchange. NFT purchases are direct to your bank account eliminating the need for a Bitpay type payment processor that can time out and leave your money in limbo. Cash out Crypto purchases to your Bank account. Take this out in USD or any currency you choose.

  • MediaCoin City includes Unreal Engine 5 technology to bring Music studios, Viking Worlds, UE5 Games, College Courses, Car Dealerships and VR experiences to life in ways you can't imagine.

    Details will be announced as we open collection sales

  • MediaCoin LLC Coins soon to utilized as V Bucks in MediaCoin City Metaverse for seamless transactions!!


    MediaCoin LLC Coins are now minted and available below. These will grow as our convertible company currency along side all our many projects and retail integrations. (Same as APE COIN) With more than a billion coins in reserve we have a lot of room to grow.

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